The day before a shoot in New York, while waiting in line, I looked up at the ceiling and saw the silhouette of a floor.
I took a wrong turn and found this water front tennis court. Hey GPS, thank you for taking the scenic route.HTC Touch HD CampaignAgency: The Wunderman Network
Some colors just POP. Bright blue is one of them.Camera Phone: HTC Touch HD
NYCCamera Phone: iPhone 3GsTilt-shifted and saturated with Photoshop Express mobile app.
Shot through the window of our 22nd-floor Manhattan apartment...then added the tilt shift effect in Photoshop Express mobile app.Camera Phone: iPhone 3Gs
I decided to take one last run and it paid dividends. The sun came out and casted some powder shadows.Camera Phone: Samsung Omnia II
Camera Phone: HTC Touch HD
Road trips always remind me of what the middle of nowhere looks like. Montana.Camera Phone: iPhone 3Gs
I'll take a window seat every time.Camera Phone: iPhone 3Gs
If it rained flower petals...Spring in Seattle. Camera Phone: iPhone 3Gs
Hoh Rainforest National Park in the off season.Camera Phone: HTC Touch HD
The touch screen selective focus on the HTC Touch HD allows you to focus on objects only a few inches from the camera.Agency: The Wunderman Network
I always take a photo just as the sun is about to set. It's a time of day that never disappoints...2010 Samsung Omnia CampaignAgency: The Wunderman Network